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When you're choosing a chiropractor for pain management, injury therapy or self and family wellness, it's important to choose one who is well-respected and successful. Read through some of the testimonials below to see why Dr. Craig Aderholdt, DC is the best choice for you.

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"I'm glad I found Dr. Aderholdt, because he's great, and so is his staff... they’re all great. And the therapy is out of this world. I don’t have to have surgery, I don’t take any medicine, and there have been no more injections. I can’t express how much I appreciate what Back Pain Institute of West Florida is doing for me. I feel like I’ve got a second life..."

- Rosario "Ross" Cavallaro


"Dr. Aderholdt truly likes what he does, and he's also very good at it, that makes all the difference.  He's a very intelligent person, and he's extremely passionate about what he does... Overall I'm about 80% better now...VAX-D definitely made a difference.  It made me a believer...I'm just very pleased."

- David Dossey


"Dr. Aderholdt is a wonderful man and he has blessed a lot of people's lives by investing in this equipment...  I am really impressed with him and he has a great support team behind him.  It's just a wonderful atmosphere and treatment, and I highly recommend it”."

- Gaye Henretta


"For four months now I haven't had a pain.... I'm playing golf and I've got a twenty-six-foot boat that I go out in. I've been out bouncing around in my boat, and I haven't had a pain from it yet. I couldn't have done that before. I feel like this thing (VAX-D) has cured me..."

- Al Varnum

"Dr. Aderholdt concentrates on the solution... He's very pleasant to work with, really upbeat and enthusiastic. And the staff is very nice too! I'd recommend VAX-D to anyone who is having problems with back pain”

- John Worley


"My posture is now free and normal, and I can move around in a completely normal fashion, something I couldn't do for quite a long time...  I find Dr. Aderholdt very friendly, and I like the fact that he's matter-of-fact about what the causes of the problem are and what he's able to do about them.  All the people on his staff are friendly and supportive in a genuine way, so the whole process is easy.  VAX-D has been a substantial help."

- Bill Williams


"I've improved to the point where I have no back pain at all. I can be on my feet, doing what I want to do 12 to 14 hours a day. I'm back to all my activities. I can dance, play golf, fish ... just all the normal things. (Before VAX-D) I'd had to give up everything... Dr. Aderholdt's very, very nice to work with... His entire staff have been great. It's a very pleasant atmosphere... It's a pleasure going there."

- Roy Pippin

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